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Weight: 10.00kg
Dimensions: 2,420.00mm x 483.00mm x 88.00mm

The NCM-10271 series High Power 1550nm Optical Amplifier is a high performance 1550nm EDFA Technology Optical Amplifier. With a JDSU pump lasers, providing 26dBm~42dBm output power with built in CWDM per each port. It has an option of 4, 8,16, 32 or 64 outputs to save you space on extra external splitters.

This NCM-10271 can be applied on GPON Network and make Triple Play, FTTH easily implemented in your network. To make CATV operators run their system easily

NCM-10271 also designed with a built-in Microcomputer. It allows engineers to monitor the parameters using front panel switch button or via RS232, RS485, RJ45 interface come with the equipment.

NCM-10271 EYDFA has a unique design that makes the light being amplified in an absolute clean and low noise environment.

Technical Features

  • EYDFA Technology
  • 26dBm~42dBm Output Power
  • 4, 8,16, 32, 64 Output Options
  • Wide Input Optical Power Range
  • Built in CWDM per each Port
  • Unique “PUMP” Heat Dissipation design
  • Special design iron box cooling down and Protecting Laser/Pump
  • Modular Fans with superior ventilation design for perfect temperature control
  • Modular Power Supply
  • Noise figure <6dB
  • Microcomputer built-in
  • Front Panel Switch allow easy Status monitoring and configuration
  • RJ45, Console Port
  • LCD Display shows Status and Alarm
  • Redundant power supply option

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